Latest News:
11/28/17: ITK-SNAP training at RSNA 2017
04/01/17: Official release 3.6.0 is here!
09/28/16: Run ITK-SNAP on the cloud with RollApp!

ITK-SNAP Developers' Tools

Source Code

ITK-SNAP source code is managed using Git and hosted on SourceForge. Everyone has read-only access to the source code. To clone the repository, issue the following command.

git clone git:// itksnap 

You can also browse the source code online using the link below:

Information on building ITK-SNAP from source code can be found below:

Nightly Builds and Dashboard

Every night, the latest ITK-SNAP source code is compiled on different operating systems. The results of these nightly builds can be viewed below. Binary files produced by the nightly builds can be obtained from the download area.

Proposals for Future SNAP Versions

Listed below are proposed enhancements to ITK-SNAP in upcoming versions. Please comment on these on the developers' list.

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