Latest News:
11/28/17: ITK-SNAP training at RSNA 2017
04/01/17: Official release 3.6.0 is here!
09/28/16: Run ITK-SNAP on the cloud with RollApp!

ITK-SNAP Mailing Lists

The ITK-SNAP user and developer communities communicate using Google Groups. There are three lists that you can join, one for major announcements, one for user support and one for developer communication.


This is a low-volume mailing list where new releases of ITK-SNAP and other important news are announced. Typically, there are less than ten emails per year on this list. Only the ITK-SNAP management team can post to this list.


This is a high-volume support and discussion group for SNAP users. If you have questions about how to use SNAP or if you would like to recommend a feature, you should post to this list. To avoid spam, messages on this list are moderated, so it may take several hours for your message to show up on the list.


This is a medium-volume general discussion group for SNAP developers. Members must be approved by a moderator before posting.

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