Latest News:
11/28/17: ITK-SNAP training at RSNA 2017
04/01/17: Official release 3.6.0 is here!
09/28/16: Run ITK-SNAP on the cloud with RollApp!

ITK-SNAP Documentation: Version 2.x

ITK-SNAP documentation is a work in progress. There is a tutorial that was written in 2004, which remains largely relevant today, but does not include all of the recent features. To learn what features are available in more recent versions of ITK-SNAP, take a look at the release notes as well as some of the articles below.


This guide will introduce you to the most commonly used features of the software. The tutorial is organized into nine sections, and requires about 60 minutes to complete. Please keep in mind that the tutorial was written quite a few versions ago, so some of the menu and window layouts have changed.

Training Videos


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